Ffxiv The Lobby Server Connection Has Encountered An Error

Are you a regular and devoted player of Final Fantasy XIV who plays the game every day? You do and have recently encountered a string of errors, haven’t you?

We just thought so and this one particular message saying, “FFXIV the lobby server connection has encountered an error” has been driving you crazy we suppose.

Well, don’t worry as we got the fix. Today you will see:

Connection Problems

The connection problem in Final Fantasy 14 is a very commonly occurring problem with the players and among those problems, error 2002 is the most prominent one. 

Dealing with this error is very problematic but you don’t need to worry as here we have the stage-wise solution for this problem. 
Ffxiv Lobby Error 2002

The error 2002 does not let a player connect to a game server. The reason for this is purely related to a player’s own personal setup error.
The first thing you would like to do is to change your firewall setting on your PC as the firewall may be responsible for not letting the game through. To do so:

  • Using the shortcut Windows + S open the Windows Defender Firewall
  • Here click on the option that says “allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall”.
  • In here, open “change settings” and add the main file of FF14 here.
  • Save the changes.

That was just the first stage. Now let’s move onto the next stage.

Ff14 Lobby Server Connection Error 2002

If you will try to re-launch the game after the first fix only, another error message will pop up.

That is so as the firewall changes you just made were only for the PC. Now then, the next thing you should do is change the settings for your router.

Ffxiv The Lobby Server Connection Has Encountered An Error
Ff14 Lobby Server Connection Error 2002

To change the router settings:

  • Open the command prompt and type in “ipconfig/all”.
  • A list will be displayed. Note down the IP address displayed before the default gateway field.
  • Now open your browser and enter this address.
  • Your router settings page will open up.
  • Login using your user name and password.
  • In the window that opens, look for the Firewall option.
  • Uncheck this option and save the changes.

Two things down, onto the third.

Error 2002 Ffxiv

Now the error message will change again to the title of this section.

The reason behind it is, apart from the firewall, external anti-virus software can also contribute to the problem by treating game files as threat files.

Fixing this though is easier than the firewall problem. All you have to do is open the anti-virus software settings and make FF14 a non-threat file by changing the settings.

It is easy as most anti-virus software has a list of threat items and you can remove a file of your liking by simply unchecking it.

Finally, there is just one more thing you need to take care off.

Lobby Server Connection Error 2002

After the last fix, the error message will now become the title of this section.

Now the reason behind this is that most of us nowadays have the application called WTFast. This WTFast gives us a better online experience of things online. Sadly, FF14 and WTFast do not get along well.

If fact WTFast is sometimes responsible for this error solely. The only fix to this problem is that you uninstall WTFast.

If you follow the procedure stage-wise and do not skip or jump to the second fix before the first, then your 2002 error will be resolved for good.

On that note, let’s now look into a problem that is not caused because of your own settings and choices.

Lobby Problems

Another common FF14 problem that players encounter is that the player is not able to join the game lobby. This is different from the 2002 error as in this one, you are connected to the server but just can’t enter the lobby.

The initial error message will read as,

Lobby Server Connection Error Ffxiv

Ffxiv The Lobby Server Connection Has Encountered An Error
Lobby Server Connection Error Ffxiv

Like the previous one, again there are stages to the fix. In the first stage ensure that you have a fast internet connection.

You can check the speed of your internet by doing a speed test online. If you find out the speed is low then switch the internet service.

Now even after switching the internet connection, you might get the following message,

The Lobby Server Has Encountered An Error

The reason behind this message is that server for the particular lobby is under maintenance. You really can’t do anything about it apart from wait till the maintenance is complete.

Next up, you can get the following message even after the maintenance is over,

Ff14 Lobby Server Connection Error

This can happen if you are using you are using your phone’s Wi-fi to play the game. FF14 is made in a way that only a broadband connection with wire works the best.

The game does not function properly on a Wi-fi connection and can display the error message despite a good connection.

Finally, you can get another message that reads,

Final Fantasy 14 Lobby Server Connection Error

This message is generated when the lobby itself is troublesome. There is no fix for this and we recommend you to try another lobby.

This does not mean you cannot play this lobby ever again. Lobbies like these are remodeled and released again and chances are there your particular lobby may also get remodeled.

The things we told you today are not easy to grasp. You might have questions so let’s answer them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Ffxiv Error -2146697208?

This error crashes the game every time you try to open it. A simple fix for this is to re-install the game.

  • I Am Getting The Message The Lobby Server Connection Has Encountered An error message comes when there is a lobby error.

The fix for this is provided above.

  • What Is Lobby Server Connection Has Encountered An Error?

This error does not let you into a lobby despite the fact that you are connected to the server. You can find its fix above.

  • Ffxiv Can T Connect To Server Message Is Being Displayed.

This is a server-related problem caused by error 2002. The fix for this is provided above.

  • A Message Saying Ffxiv The Lobby Server Connection Has Encountered An Popped Up.

This message means the game files have been corrupted. This can happen if you pirate the game. Fix this by uninstalling the pirated version and buying the original game.

Final Words

We have reached the end of the road today. We hope that we have been able to resolve your server and lobby error-related concerns. From now on you don’t need a computer expert to fix the game for you.

You will be able to save the money you usually give for these fixes. The money saved can be used to buy stuff on FF14.

If you still got some doubts though, you can always go to the FF14 support center. We take your leave now. Happy gaming!

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