What’s Next for Lost Ark? Coming Updates and Patches

Lost Ark is set to add major features in the coming months. What can players expect in the April and May updates?

A few months after its official release in Western regions, Lost Ark has become a global hit. The Korean MMO ARPG has broken multiple records and received praises from critics and gamers. With everything going smoothly for Smilegate’s massively popular game, gamers wonder what features will be available for their Lost Ark accounts going forward. 

Recent Updates

As Smilegate and Amazon continuously add new things to the game, fans are getting pampered with additional content for Lost Ark gold farming. The latest feature to come out is the Abyss Raids. The more brutal version of Guardian Raids has been very challenging for players. 

Abyss Raids serves as one of the hardest existing end-game content in Lost Ark, along with Abyss Dungeons. The new feature is similar to Guardian Raids in that adventurers need to hunt down beasts without any visible HP bars. At the same time, it is like Abyss Dungeons since several phases will require 8-man parties to do the raids.

Currently, only the three phases of the fallen Guardian Argos are available for the latest end-game content. However, it is expected that other mythical beings will soon be added to the Abyss Raids’ roster. Aside from unique boss encounters, Lost Ark is gearing up for additional content, including new classes. 

Upcoming Updates and Patches

After the release of the latest raids, fans have been waiting anxiously for the next update. Players have been eagerly waiting for announcements with rumors about the release date of new classes and dungeons. Here are the current confirmed upcoming updates for Smilegate’s MMO ARPG:

New Classes

Currently, the Western servers of Lost Ark only have 15 advanced classes available. However, many more jobs will eventually be introduced in the game. Here are the following two classes that will be included in the following updates:


Martial Artists are masters in the art of close-quarter combat. They fight beautifully with their artistic yet deadly style. The Glaivier class will be the first advanced class from the Martial Arts line to wield a bladed weapon. The female fighter carries a spear and a glaive as her two offensive armaments. 

The Glaivier will have two skill sets corresponding to her two weapons: the Focus Stance and Flurry Stance. The Focus set prioritizes graceful lethal strikes and sweeping attacks, while the Flurry skill set focuses more on fast and destructive barrages of attacks. 


Warriors have been dominating the frontlines of Lost Ark with their dauntless presence. The destructive power of these armored fighters is best embodied by the Destroyer class. The newest advanced job in the Warrior line will be carrying a Warhammer compared to his blade-carrying peers.

This hammer-wielding character focuses on charging into the heart of the battle and swinging his weapon with destructive force. Destroyers can also manipulate gravity, slow, push, pull, or knock up opponents. The latest class highlights the explosive destructive power of the Warrior class. The Destroyer is expected to drop in May.

New Region

The next major update will also be the first time a new region will be released in Lost Ark West. The latest map will be an extension of the Vern region and it’ll feature a new storyline.

Southern Vern

The lower regions of the Vern continent have been closed off by the Senate for a long time. The once barren area has been turned into a lush, green pasture abundant in water. After troubles in Northern Vern started to worsen, the elite of the Sylvain kingdoms decided to restrict access to the place with their newly formed knightly order. 

The next unlockable region will be the second Tier 3 area alongside Punika. Adventurers will be required to have 1340 Item Levels before they can enter. The new location will also add new story quests regarding the lore of the Vern Sylvains.

New Raid Content

Aside from the new classes and region, Lost Ark will also be introducing a new set of bosses and an additional Guardian Raid variant. Here are the confirmed upcoming features:

Trial Guardian Raids

Smilegate will be adding the Trial Guardian Raids in the May Major Update. The feature will be a weekly activity for players looking for an even more significant challenge. This content will allow adventurers to face three Trial Guardians per week. Each boss will have its own Item Level requirement, and each one will be rotated out every week. 

Trial bosses are different from regular Guardians since the former will apply the “Scale of Harmony” to adjust the characters’ power to match their opponents. In addition, the Battle Workshop is not available in the raid region, making this new content much harder.

New Guardian Raid (Tentative)

A new boss will be introduced in the game as part of the normal Guardian Raids. Deskaluda will require players to have 1415 Item Level, making the Guardian one of the strongest beings in Arkesia. The bird-like creature wields the power of darkness, so adventurers will have to be prepared.

Legion Raids (Tentative)

A new feature will possibly be introduced in May called Legion Raids. This new content will feature similar mechanics to that of a Chaos Gate run. However, these raids will be party-based content which will require either a 4-man or 8-man party. 

Legion Raids will require parties to understand and defeat the Legion Commanders of the Demon Horde. Valtan will be the first Legion Boss added when the raid comes out. The Beast Commander will require adventurers to form an 8-man party with 1415 Item Levels.

With all this new content coming out, gamers with Lost Ark accounts are excited about the game’s future. Some of the upcoming features will require higher Item Levels. Adventurers should focus on honing their gear to enjoy the forthcoming updates when they roll out. 


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