How To fix Vortex Application State Is Invalid

If you are willing to fix the issue Vortex Application State Is Invalid, you need to move the Mod Folder to the Game Drive. Besides, if you want, delete the JSON file and reinstall WinRAR. In addition, you can roll back or update Vortex also. 

Vortex is a modern mod manager from Nexus Mods. Like other mod managers, Vortex enables you to find, download, install, and manage mods, and it can provide sufficient control for more experienced veterans of the modding scene.

Unfortunately, you may find problems while facing Vortex deployment failure if you want to deploy the mods for the game. While changing mod settings in Vortex or setting it up for the first time, the error can appear. If you find Vortex mods not deployed, try the solutions to get you out of the trouble. 

Fix 1: Move the Mod Folder to the Game Drive

If you want to use Vortex, ensure that the mod folder is available in the same drive where the game is installed. If you face any Vortex deployment failure issue, you may find the mod folder in another drive. Therefore, you need to try to move the mod folder to the game drive to resolve the issue.

Step 1: You need to navigate to the File Explorer and open it. After that, your job is to make a new folder on the drive where you have installed the game. 

Step 2: Next, your task is to launch the Vortex Mod Manager and tap on Settings.

Step 3: Now, your job is to change the Base Path to the new folder’s location made by you before being available under the MODS tab. After that, your task is to save the changes. You can move all mods to the new folder. 

Fix 2: Delete the JSON File

JSON, which stands for JavaScript Object Notion, is an important file used for the proper functioning of Vortex. But you may not deploy Vortex if you find the file corrupted or run into specific problems. Hence, your task is to delete the file and make it reproduced by your Vortex.

Step 1: First, your task is to shut down the game and Vortex. After that, navigate to the Task Manager to complete all these related procedures.

Step 2: Head towards the installation folder of Vortex. After that, you should go to the Data folder and open it to find the vortex.deployment.json file.

Step 3: You may backup your file to another place and delete it thereafter. As soon as it is completed, you need to reboot the Vortex. Finally, check if deploying mods for your game without issues is possible.

Fix 3: Reinstall WinRAR

It is a compression utility enabling you to unzip the contents of Vortex. If you have found the installation of WinRAR corrupted, the problem can appear. In this case, your job is to reinstall the app to fix the issue.

Once you uninstall the program from the PC, your job is to download the latest version of WinRAR from its official website. Next, your job is to install it. You should try to deploy mods for your game again to check if the issue is resolved. But if you are unable to deploy Vortex, unfortunately, move on to your next solution.

Fix 4: Roll Back or Update Vortex

As per reports, a few people face the issue after updating Vortex to a new version. Hence, you need to roll back your Vortex to the previous. Ensure that you obtain the earlier update of Vortex from the download page and install it thereafter.

If you have not updated Vortex for a long time, you can experience the issue with the outdated Vortex. If you want to fix the issue, your job is to update the Vortex to the recent version.

Step 1: Navigate to Vortex and open it thereafter. Then, move to Settings and Vortex.

Step 2: You should expand your Update drop-down menu. When you choose the No automatic updates option, hit the Check Now button to install any available updates for Vortex. If you have selected Stable or Testing, you can find Vortex updated automatically.

Step 3: As soon as you complete the updating process, check if it is possible to accurately deploy mods for the game. 


1. Why is my Vortex Application State Is Invalid?

In this case, you have to ensure that the mod folder is available in the same drive where the game is installed. The mod folder could be available on another drive if you face the issue. Hence, try to move the mod folder to the game drive to fix the problem.

2. Does vortex use VFS?

  • The Mod Organizer uses VFS, designed by Tannin, Lead Vortex Developer. It has been customized to support Gamebryo (Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls and Fallout series) games and famous tools. 

3. How do I enable mod vortex?

  • Your first job is to set the Vortex to handle Nexus Links. In this case, you should hit the blue button or move to the Settings and Download. You can check the handle for Download with Manager.
  • You can use the Skyrim Special Edition called Classic with All Roads. Go to the link
  • It will land on the Quality World Map page. After that, your job is to download the map mod available under the “File” tab. 
  • Now, you should learn the way to download directly with Mod Manager. 
  • Tap on the Mod Manager Download to open up the Vortex, though it remains closed and begins downloading.
  • As soon as the download finishes, you can see a notification popping up. It asks you to install the mod. Next, tap on install.
  • After that, your task is to turn on the mods. Tap on enable from the immediate pop-up message once you complete installation. In addition, if you’re willing, move to the MODS tab. After that, hit the grey button of your newly installed mod, turning it into green. It is also possible to verify mods, and you have to move to the Plugin tab.
  • Finally, you should open the game and see the visible changes. 

4. How do I install vortex plugins?

  • Move to site first. 
  • Next, your task is to register yourself or login into an existing account. These can provide both premium and free memberships. 
  • As soon as you register yourself, you have to log in and download it. 
  • It is suitable for all mods including those you download from nexus mods and you download from some other sources. However, it is compatible with nexus modes mainly for close integration. 

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