Fixes: Star Citizen Error Code 19004 (August 2023)

Are you frequently experiencing the Star Citizen error code 19004 while playing the game? Since its release, a highly anticipated space exploration game like Star Citizen has gained a lot of love and attention among gamers around the world. 

However, like any other online game, players of Star Citizen are also facing issues like CIG 19004 error. Now, to fix this error, players will need to-

1. Verify the status of the Star Citizen Server.

2. Re-login to the Star Citizen Game

3. Re-open Star Citizen.

4. Clear the cache of Star Citizen

5. Launch Steam and check the Star Citizen Game files

Want to know the fixes for Star Citizen error 19004? Keep reading. 

What Are The Causes Of The Error Code 19004 On Star Citizen?

The moment the error CIG services code 19004 shows up on the screen, you will be able to see the following notification: “Account Login Failed, This was encountered during the phase of Entitlement”. Now, the question is: Why does the Star Citizen error code 19004 occur while playing? If the login credentials of a Star Citizen player are not verified, error code 19004 can show up.

This error code 19004 can end up resulting in a failed login attempt. Sometimes, the server of Star Citizen gets overloaded and can’t handle numerous user logins at the same time, error code 19004 on Star Citizen will show up. In case the game itself faces some glitches or bugs, the players may encounter the error 19004 on Star Citizen.

Here are the other possible causes of the error code 19004 on Star Citizen.

  • The server of Star Citizen may be down.
  • Network connectivity issues can be a cause of the error code 19004.
  • The game client of Star Citizen has failed to connect with the server. 

How Will Players Able To Be Fix Star Citizen Error Code 19004?

The Star Citizen error code 19004 is quite common and is caused by heavy traffic on the server. So, it may go automatically. However, if the error code 19004 on Star Citizen remains for a long time, you will need to try some troubleshooting methods.

Star Citizen error code 19004

1. Verify The Status Of The Star Citizen Server

Want to verify the status of the Star Citizen Server? In case you see multiple players have complained about the same issue (error code 19004), the Star Citizen Technical Team will fix the issue faster. 

2. Re-Login To The Star Citizen Game

Logging out of the game Star Citizen and then re-logging into the game can resolve the error code 19004 easily. Sometimes, when users choose the option ‘Keep me logged in’, the Star Citizen Game application will remain open for a long time. 

Therefore, players will need to log out and then close the game application. After some time, players will have to re-log into the game again. This procedure may fix the Star Citizen error code 19004.

3. Re-Open Star Citizen

If the close the Star Citizen Game application and then open it again, it will help remove any glitches or bugs. 

So first, you will need to shut down the Star Citizen Game application. After some time, open the game application again. Let the loading complete. Also, make sure that you have a strong and stable internet connection to the Star Citizen Game.

4. Clear The Cache Of Star Citizen

If you clear the cache of the Star Citizen game, it can help remove the error code 19004.

  • Launch the ‘file explorer’ on your device.
  • Launch the folder path of the game (Star Citizen). The default is given here: C: Program FilesRoberts Space IndustriesStarCitizenLIVE.
  • Remove the USER Folder by deleting it.
  • Shut down your device properly.
  • After some time, press the POWER ON button to turn on the device. 

5. Launch Steam And Check The Star Citizen Game Files

  • Launch Steam.
  • Choose “Library”.
  • Choose Star Citizen Game and right-click on it.
  • Choose Properties.
  • Choose Local Files.
  • Select ‘Verify Integrity of the Game File’. 

The Bottom Line

Hope, these above fixes will help you to resolve the error code 19004 on Star Citizen. All the best and play well. 

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