How To Vote Kick In Phantom Forces (2023)

If you’ve ever wondered how to activate Phantom Forces’ vote kick feature, look no further. Join us on this exciting adventure as we unveil the techniques for eliminating troublemakers and guaranteeing an engaging and fair gaming experience. It’s time to take control of Phantom Forces and decide how your conflicts will end!

If you want to know how to vote kick in Phantom Forces then you need to add a command by typing /vote kick:username: reason. Once the vote kick gets started, the players can start to vote kicking, which will last only for 40 seconds. Users need to make sure that don’t use abusive words in the system or else they will get banned permanently.

Here, if you want to initiate a vote kick then you need to provide a username and a genuine reason in the given format.

How To Vote Kick In Phantom Forces?

The Votekick can be started by a player by typing the command /vote kick:username: reason where users need to enter the username with a reason for vote kicking. So if other players want to take part in vote kicking then they need to press the Y button for Yes, the N button for No, and the J button to dismiss the popup.

How To Vote Kick In Phantom Forces

1. Spot The Troublemaker: Determine the troublemaker Find the player who is causing trouble, disrupting the game, or disobeying the rules. We’ve all run into them!

2. Press the Tab key: Look up the offender’s name on the scoreboard. Keep your eyes as sharp as eagles!

3. To right-click their name: Their name can be right-clicked to display a menu of choices.

4. Choose “Vote Kick”: You may start the vote kick process by clicking on that tasty option!

5. Enlist The Group: Make your fellow players see the need for fairness. The dream is made possible by teamwork!

6. Decide By Voting: Make a choice now! Vote “yes” to lead them to the door or “no” if you want to be kind.

7. Majority rules: If sufficient players support your just cause, the vote is successful, and the troublemaker is expelled!

8. Take off!: Enjoy a quiet and enjoyable gaming session now that the annoyance has been eliminated. Victory!

The vote kicking will last for 40 seconds and there will be no action taken if your vote expires. If a player gets the required Yes votes, he will be booted from the server. By just following the above step, you can vote kick in Phantom Forces.


Roblox is a very popular game development tool created by Roblox Corporation. This tool allows users to develop games as per their needs and play the games developed by others.

This platform was started in 2004 by David Baszucki and Eric Cassel as it supports different genres of games, which are closed by the Lua Programming language. After Roblox’s success, many other identical platforms came into the market. At that time, Roblox was a very small platform and corporation.

But later in the second half of 2010, they expanded their platform and after Covid-19, they have gone with a new expansion.

How To Vote Kick In Phantom Forces

Phantom Forces

Phantom Forces is a popular-person shooting-based game of Roblox that got huge popularity over time. Phantom Forces received amazing feedback from the community.

The game remains at the top of the front page for a long time and frequently the game has also been ranked among the top five popular games. This is the most popular Roblox game because of its unique gameplay and complicated dynamics.

Phantom Forces Gameplay

This game is mainly divided into factions, Phantoms, and Ghosts. The Phantoms have a blue scheme while the ghosts have an orange scheme. As per the gaming message, the Phantoms are Americans and the ghosts are Egyptians.

This game has some amazing mechanics, which were not seen earlier in other gaming. For firearms, the game has muzzle velocity, bullet drop, and external ballistics.

The game has quite different characteristics than other games and once users get addicted to it, they will love playing this game all the time.

Phantom Forces Vote kick

As we have seen that many people are asking this thing how to vote kick in Phantom Forces. It is a very common and popular question where users are curious to know about the in-built feature Vote Kick.

So before moving further, it is essential to know what Phantom Forces Votekick is. The Votekick is an in-built system that allows players to kick someone out of the server with a majority vote.

 So all the players who are playing aggressively or exploitatively will get out of the server. But how to do it? Below we have explained everything about how you can Votekick in Phantom Forces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you vote kick on Roblox?

Ans. If you want to kick on Roblox then just type /vote kick: username in the command box. You also need to mention the reason for the vote kick.

Q2. How do you kick in phantom force?

Ans. To vote to kick in Phantom Force, players can vote to kick in the server once it gets started. It will run for just 40 seconds and players need to tap on the Y for Yes, N for No, and J for removing the popup and get abstained from voting.

Q3. What are the controls for Roblox phantom forces?

Ans. The basic control of Roblox Phantom Forces for keyboard are as follows: W for up direction, A for left, S for down, D for right, H for weapon inspection animation, W + Shift key for a run, Space for Jump, E for spotting enemies, R for reload, Q for aim down sight, X for crunch, V for switch firing mode, left click for the shoot, (1,2,3 for weapon switching), G for a grenade, T for toggle between sights, and W + Shift + Space + X for super jump.

Q4. How do you kick people from a server on Roblox?

Ans. To kick a player from a server on Roblox, you need to type vote kick:username: reason where you have to fill in these details and submit to Continue.

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