How To Watch Private Videos On Youtube? (2023)

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms which can be used to share personal and professional videos with the whole wide world. There are 5 billion videos that are watched every day on YouTube.

Since many people prefer to watch private YouTube videos, it provides the facility of privacy settings to the users. The uploaders have the choice to either share it with everybody or with a limited number of people by keeping it private.

To watch private videos the users, search for “How to watch private YouTube videos without permission?”. Private videos are the ones that are seen only by the uploaders or the people who have permission. Some videos have a minimum age restriction that requires signing in to a Google account.

Why Can’t One View Private Youtube Videos?

Some of the reasons why it is difficult to watch private videos on YouTube are mentioned below-

  • Some of the uploaders of the videos set the settings as private and one can only watch these videos if the link is shared with them.
  • The private videos can be searched for and do not appear in the search results as it is not recommended video.
  • The subscribers will also not be informed if a video has been uploaded.

1. See Private Youtube Videos With Permission

With Permission To watch private videos with permission, the user has to-

  • Contact the owner of the video and request them to send the link.
  • Click on the link and enjoy watching.

If you are unable to watch private YouTube videos with links then the probable reasons are mentioned below-
Check if you have a YouTube account.

  • The video might open with a special link that is to be shared by the owner.
  • There might be multiple accounts operated by the user.

2. Watch A Private Youtube Video Without Permission

If you want to watch a private video without seeking permission from the owner there are a few steps that are to be followed-
Visit a private YouTube video that you want to watch.

  • Delete the watch from the URL.
  • The resultant link will come up.
  • Press the enter key and it will be unblocked and even without signing the user can watch it.
  • Though this is a good YouTube private video hack, it might not always work for all users.
How To Watch Private Youtube Videos

3. Watch Private Youtube Videos Without Signing In

When a video is viewed on the computer which was marked private then the steps which can be followed are-

  • Use a utility named Video Cache View and get the video and was downloaded to the cache.
  • The Mpeg-Dash video can be found in the format.
  • Convert the video into an MP4 format and use the software named GPAC.
  • Use the Video Cache View utility and play the cached version of the private video.

4. Get Access To Private Youtube Videos

  • In the inbox, click the email from the video uploader letting the video owner know that it can be shared with you.
  • In the email, a rectangular box will appear with a red box with white horizontal tabs. Click on it to be taken directly to the video on YouTube.
  • One might not even need to download private YouTube videos which can be played directly on the site.
  • It should be noted that the user might need to sign in to the account using the link on the email.

How To Find A Private Video On Youtube?

Many people have been trying to search “how to find out what a private video was on YouTube?”. A private YouTube video can be watched by the people who have been permitted by the uploader.

Some people who receive the link to the video but are still not able to watch it may be because they need to have a YouTube account to sign into while watching it.

Can You Watch Youtube Videos Anonymously?

Google has recently rolled out a new feature that lets people watch videos privately on their phones. The YouTube private video viewer online helps the user to watch the content without keeping track.

It is quite similar to the private mode in the web browser and the app does not store the viewing history. Google won’t track what the user is doing or watching on YouTube. It may warn the schools and office administrators and they might be able to manage the incognito mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To View Private Videos On The YouTube App?

  • Open YouTube on Android and tap on its library.
  • Tap on the videos near the top of the screen.
  • Find a video displayed on the padlock icon.
  • Tap on the video and the video will start playing.

Q2. How To Watch Private YouTube Videos On Iphone?

To change the video privacy settings, follow the steps mentioned below-

  • Sign in to the app on the iPhone or the iPad and tap on the library.
  • Move to the video that is to be changed and edited.
  • Tap on the privacy setting and choose between the public, private and unlisted,
  • Tap on the Save button at the top and save the changes.

Q3. How Do You View Private Videos On YouTube?

To view, the private videos on YouTube follow the steps which are mentioned above in the article. Following all of these steps properly will help in getting rid of any problem that is faced while using YouTube.


Apart from the above-mentioned methods for “how to watch private YouTube videos?”, go to the video downloader sites. The age restriction might require a proper sign in and it might contain malicious content.

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