Fixes For Crunchyroll App Not Working (2023)

Many people love watching Manga and anime series on Crunchyroll. It is considered the finest alternative to Mangastream where people can read free Manga series and comics both. According to recent reports, numerous users have reported that the Crunchyroll app not working. We have noticed Crunchyroll users ask multiple questions regarding the issues in a specific application. 

Fortunately, after a lot of research, we have found the standard issues that might block users from using Crunchyroll by opening their browsers.

Crunchyroll is an American digital content platform that is mainly considered a streaming platform. Here the users are going to get streaming content like Dorama, Manga, Anime, etc. The authorities distribute the content via multiple platforms like websites, a mobile applications for Android and iOS.

The users can easily download the application from iStore and play store both on their smart TVs like Andriod TV, Firestick, and Apple TV, and stream the desired Crunchyroll shows and series both. The website gained popularity so fast because of the easy subscriptions and popular content.

Unfortunately, due to multiple reasons, the website may appear down for a massive group of users. This guide is going to help them to understand the reasons why your Crunchyroll is down right now. And what are the solutions to getting it back up and making it run?

Is Crunchyroll Down?

Besides being one of the widely used streaming service providing a platform, Crunchyroll does face a bulk of issues that often results in Crunchyroll server down. 

Such cases take place for both website and mobile users both. However, the problems might occur due to technical errors from your side; this is why the Crunchyroll app may not work correctly.

Crunchyroll app not working

If the servers aren’t working, then the users may see the error messages, e.g., “An error has occurred,” or “The web server or a Crunchyroll bad gateway” on the home screen or desktop. The users can also see the errors like “there was a problem starting the application” error on the mobile screen while using the Crunchyroll application.

A lot of Crunchyroll ps4 down, Xbox, and Andriod users have reported that is application is showing the server down message. The users will face the same issue while using multiple browsers like Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Google Chrome. If you are facing these issues frequently, you should look somewhere else to look for the actual case.

Why Is Crunchyroll Down So Often? 

Several reasons lead the users to get to see Crunchyroll an error has occurred. But the fact is Crunchyroll does face a bulk of issues that commonly results in being down or the server down.

These problems are for both application and website users both; it can take place due to some technical errors from your side; this is why the Crunchyroll app not working on Android or any other platform. Sometimes these issues can occur due to network down.

If the users have made any current changes in their mobile application and browser both, then we suggest you reverse those changes and see if the issues still exist.

At the points mentioned below, we have explained some reasons that may lead the users to notice Crunchyroll there was a problem starting the app. Take a look here: – 

  • One of the most common issues is server issues.
  • The users might face issues like broken App/code files. 
  • The Internet may not be working or have network issues. 
  • Bad browsing cache/data. 

The list isn’t long, and there might be multiple other reasons that may vary according to your device while accessing Crunchyroll. If you are facing malfunctioning like Crunchyroll doesn’t work on Chrome or any other, then we have found some solutions for every device and browser. It can help the users to fix the issues and make their application and website work.

Methods To Fix Crunchyroll Down On PC

If you are one of those people who are trying to access Crunchyroll and often use it from a browser and notice Crunchyroll not working on Firefox or Google Chrome.

Methods To Fix Crunchyroll Down On PC

If so, then there might be issues with your browser that are constantly blocking access to the servers of Crunchyroll. We have explained some ways to get your issues solved at the points mentioned below without seeking help from elsewhere. Have a look here: – 

1. Prefer Clearing Your Browsing Data/Cache

The cache files are usually stored locally in your computer by doing the website access. E.g., the cache data of logos, Javascript, CSS, fonts, and multiple other files are commonly stored locally. If you are one of those using Chrome to access Crunchyroll, click on the menu icon.

After that, you need to select the settings option, and then under privacy and security, select the Clear browsing data option. This is how the cache or unnecessary data will be cleared, and you will be able to access the services like you used to do before.

2. Disable The Antivirus Software

The Crunchyroll server may appear down due to the presence of antivirus like Avast. It is the one who might be blocking the website, and the users are going to get a black screen or multiple other errors as well. But don’t worry; the users can fix such issues by disabling the Avast web shield on both your Mac and Windows PC.

On the other hand, if you are still facing such issues even after disabling the antivirus, opt to disable the complete antivirus program. The users can also switch to incognito mode without disabling the antivirus or extension program. After that, you need to check if Crunchyroll is working or not.

In order to do this, press CTRL+Shift+N via the keyboard to get access over the browser in incognito mode. This is the perfect way to quickly enter the incognito mode and then browse anonymously without worrying about problematic cookies.

3. Disable Browser Extension

One of the most significant reasons that can prevent Crunchyroll from opening in your browser is extensions. Suppose you are accessing any third-party browser extension like UBlock, Adblocker, VPN, Data Scrapper, etc.

In that case, we are recommending the users disable these extensions temporarily and notice if the problems are getting solved or not.

The users can easily disable the browser extension by clicking on the menu button, more tools, and extensions. Here you will get the entire list of the installed extensions; you need to use the toggle button to disable them or the remove button to delete them permanently.

4. Crunchyroll Appearing Down On The Smartphones 

Crunchyroll App Not Working

There are a plethora of users who are using Crunchyroll on their iOS and Android devices, and they cannot open the application properly. Moreover, they might notice errors or malfunctioning that might ask them to contact the support services if the issues persist.

In such situations, there is a high chance that these errors are caused when the application isn’t able to retrieve the content from the allotted servers. Some troubleshooting methods or methods are available that can help you get your issue solved effortlessly. Take a look here: –

5. Resetting The Internet Connection: – 

Most of us might be using the WiFi router; you need to turn it off for 30 seconds by pressing the reset button that is present on your router device. After that, you need to restart your router and then connect your mobile to the WiFi network. This is how you will get the issues solved, and then you need to check if the problem is resolved.

6. Clear Cache And Data

We have discussed earlier that the cache files are readily stored locally on your PC and smartphones for the easier accessibility of the standard files and folders. Whereas such files contain corrupt or broken codes that will serve the users with malfunctioned outcomes, and the servers don’t get connected.

One of the finest and easiest ways to get the issue solved is to delete the temporary data and then restart the application. Follow the steps mentioned below to clear the Crunchyroll application data and fix the error that states “server not responding.” Check out the details below.  

Step – 1: the users need to slide the notification bar from the top of it and then click on the cog icon.

Step – 2: After that, you need to go to the apps then the application list option, and select “view all installed applications.”

Step – 3: once you are done with all this, scroll through the list, look for the Crunchyroll application, and then click on it.

Step – 4: the users must click on the storage option and select the clear cache and data option.

Step – 5: at last, open the application and try log-in in again to the account.

Crunchyroll Issues With Xbox

Multiple users are experiencing Crunchyroll Xbox One issues while connecting it to the servers. In such situations, it is going to show the users error like “Oops! An error has occurred” while starting the Crunchyroll application on their Xbox. 

Crunchyroll Issues With Xbox
The Crunchyroll app not working

The Crunchyroll Xbox One app not working which clearly indicates the server is down of Crunchyroll, and they are unable to start it on their Xbox 360 or Xbox One. But don’t worry, we are here to help you out; here, we will serve you with the easiest and simplest problem-solving methods that you can easily prefer.

If you are getting Crunchyroll Xbox One black screen or any other issues, you need to restart your Xbox. Shutting down the Xbox and removing the power cable from the plug, then waiting for 1 minute before beginning the usage again, is recommended. Open the Crunchyroll application and see if there are any other issues present.

However, if Crunchyroll experienced a server error on Xbox One or any other Xbox, then we suggest you uninstall the application and then reinstall it on your Xbox. The points mentioned below can help the readers to get the perfect ways to do it; check them out here: –

Step – 1: Start your Xbox 360 or Xbox One, scroll down, and select the “My games and apps” option that is readily available on your home screen.

Step – 2: After that, select the Crunchyroll application from the left side of the menu and select the storage device option present there.

Step – 3: highlight the Crunchyroll application, click on the uninstall option, and then install it

again to resolve the Crunchyroll server error xbox one.  

The steps mentioned above can help the users to solve the Crunchyroll Xbox One app problems they to visit the store once again in order to install the application.

Crunchyroll Issues With Amazon Fire Stick

The amazon fire stick has helped multiple streaming platforms to get space on television screens. Amazon is offering an enormous range of different streaming applications through the Fire TV Stick platform. The Crunchyroll is an application that you can easily find out at a unique fire stick.

Crunchyroll Issues With Amazon Fire Stick

However, if you are experiencing server downtime while trying to get access from the Crunchyroll servers on the amazon firestick, don’t worry.

Probably, Crunchyroll has no internet connection fire tv can also take place initially, check out your internet connection if the issues are still haven’t solved then read the following points. Here we are having explained some methods to get your issues solved.

Method: 1 – Clearing App Cache And Data

  • Open the settings option on your unique Fire TV stick.
  • Opt for application and notification.
  • After that, select the “manage all application” option and then clear the data and cache both.

If this method hasn’t served you with the expected outcomes, then be doing the method mentioned below.

Method: 2 – Reinstall The Crunchyroll Application 

  • Here you need to open the amazon firestick settings.
  • Click on the application and manage the installed application option.
  • After this, select the Crunchyroll Firestick application that is readily available on the list.
  • Click on the uninstall option.

Clearing Data or cache is the easiest way to get rid of problematic issues. But if you cannot get the desired results with it, you should uninstall the application and then reinstall it to get easier access to the services present there.

The Summary!

We have tried to cover all possible aspects and reasons regarding the problematic conditions of the Crunchyroll application or website. Here we are given the problem-solving methods regarding PC, Xbox, Smartphones (considering iOS and Android both), browsers, and Firestick.

If the methods mentioned above failed to serve you with desired outcomes, then we suggest you wait for some time to see if there’s any technical error generated from the headquarters. Let us know which method has helped you to get your Crunchyroll application up.

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