Solved: Dev Error 401 In MW2 (In 5 Steps)

If you are a fan of shooter games, Call of Duty Moder Warfare 2 must be topping your list. Unfortunately, the game comes with a lot of errors and bugs that will stop you from enjoying it and, worse, will distract you at a crucial moment in the game.

Dev error 401 is one such bug that has recently frustrated a lot of players, especially when someone is going for a private game. We are here to help you through this blog if you have come across the 401 error in MW2. Let’s see what the dev error 401 means and how we can fix it.

What Does Dev Error 401 Mean In MW2?

First, let’s understand what’s Dev error 401 is in MW2 before going into the troubleshooting part. When you are trying to play a private match, you may face Dev Errors like 401, 11642, 292, and other system problems. You can also see an error while loading the map.

While fixing error 401, you need to understand the cause and act on it accordingly. So, in the next section, we will talk a little bit about the cause of Dev error 401 in MW2.

Causes Of Dev Error 401 In MW2

401 error is an authentication bug that can pop up while accessing the online features if you are playing a private match. Here are some of the factors that can trigger a Dev error 401:

  • There may be some corrupt or missing game files causing the dev error.
  • Your Outdated graphics driver can block your game, causing a Dev Error 401 in your COD Machine Warfare 2.
  • An incompatible or outdated Windows version can stop your game from running on your system.
  • Problems with your internet connection can also result in Dev Error 401.
  • Antivirus or firewall software blocking the game.

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How Can I Resolve Developer Error 401 In Mw2?

Well, if you are annoyed with the developer error and planning to move on to some other game, hold on! We have something for you. Here are some of the best Dev Error 401 troubleshooting methods:

Dev Error 401

1. Adjust The Custom Frame Rate Limit

This error was figured out by Infinity Ward, and he mentioned this cause on the updation of the Season 1 patch. If your game keeps showing Dev Error 401, you can try changing the setting of the customer frame limit to unlimited in the following way:

  • Start the game
  • Go to the Settings Section
  • Select the Graphics tab
  • Go to the Display Section
  • Go to the “Custom Frame Rate Limit” and click on Unlimited

2. Verify The Integrity Of Game Files.

Damaged game files or missing some important files may cause Dev Error 401. If you find out the files are the cause of the errors, here’s how you fix it:

For Gamers Using

  • Start the Client
  • Click on Call of Duty MW2
  • Click on Settings (The Gear Icon)
  • Click on Scan and Repair
  • Start Scanning
  • Let the process complete, and restart your system

For Gamers Using Steam

  • Start Steam and navigate to the Library Section
  • Right Click on Call of Duty MW2 and click on Properties
  • Navigate to the Local Files Section and select “Verify Integrity of Game Files.”
  • When the process is completed, restart your system

3. Make Use Of On-Demand Texture Streaming.

Try changing the on-demand texture streaming to fix Dev Error 401 in COD Modern Warfare 2. You can reduce the size of the game’s texture cache in the following way:

  • Start Call of Duty MW2
  • Navigate to the Settings icon (Gear shaped) in the upper left-hand corner
  • Go to the Graphics Tab
  • In the Details and Texture Section, Select On Demand Texture Streaming to Enable the option.
  • Decrease the Size of the Texture Cache to small or medium.

4. Ensure Your Graphics Card Driver Is Up To Date.

Upgrading your Graphics Card Driver can do wonders. You may find that the Dev Errors have gone now that your driver is updated. Here’s the way to update your card driver:

  • On your PC, press the Windows+X buttons to launch the Device Manager
  • Navigate to the Display Adapters category and check out the graphics drivers’ list. Right-click on the options like Intel, NVIDIA, AMD, and others present on the list and select Update Driver.
  • Click on “Search Automatically For Drivers” in the new Window and follow the instructions given there to download and install the latest version of the Graphics Card Drivers.
  • After completing the process restart your system and check if the errors have been resolved.

Other than this, there can be some other reasons that can cause problems, and the fixes can be getting the latest version of the game and not using a VPN to access the Call of Duty MW2. Blocking certain corrupted third-party applications on your desktop may also help in getting rid of the Dev Error 401.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the dev error in MW2?
Ans. Dev errors are the generic errors in Call of Duty MW2. More often than not, it happens after an updation of a large file. But there are a lot of other scenarios like authentication problems, outdated versions of Graphics Card Drivers, or corrupt or missing files that can be the reasons for a dev error like 401.

Q2. What does Dev error 11642 mean?
Ans. Dev Error 11642 in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 mainly occurs when there’s a bot or a customized lobby involved. So, if you are trying to play a private match with a custom lobby or practicing with a bot, you may encounter a 11642 error in your game.

Q3. What is Dev Error 426?
Ans. Error 426 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 generally refers to the problem of disconnection with your internet network or game data that is not readable or corrupted.

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