It is a principle used by the players to communicate with their teammates through voice chat. With the support of all of the discord, the players can talk strategies and enhance team coordination and improved communication. Since the server admin or owner and there is an excellent likelihood that they may have discovered over the server and when a lot of individuals come on the channel it becomes difficult.

The inactive users should be kicked out and if the user has a discord server they often ask the question “how to transfer ownership on discord?”. The procedure of transferring the ownership to somebody else is very easy and this article details the process of transferring ownership on discord.

Why Do We Need Discord Change Server Owner?

A lot of people ask the reasons to transfer the ownership on discord and the reasons are mentioned below-

1. When one is a discord host, it eventually grows up to become full-fledged, and handling and managing the server becomes hard.

2. One might be looking for a vacation or holiday and then in such a case, they may need to transfer the ownership.

3. The discord server owner may have deleted all of his deleted accounts.

4. The owner may have got banned since somebody has reported to the application as the consumers may not be after discord breach guidelines.

How Can The Discord Server Owner Crown Icon Be Deleted?

When one new discord server is created a crown icon appears along the side of the name and the crown indicated that the user is the discord server owner. The crown icon cannot be toggled on or off but there is a way to disable the feature. There is a workaround to remove the crown icon from being displayed on the side of the name.

The crown will disappear by itself if another host has the permission and is hoisted. Hoisted denotes that the role is displayed differently from the other members. To remove the crown icon for the discord owners and requires the role of the administrator privilege. Ome can simply make a dummy role if they do not wish to be administrators.


1. Go to the settings of the server.

2. Click on the roles and then the + sign to create a new role.

3. Give the new role a name to indicate that the role should not be used.

4. Display role members separately from online members can be toggled on.

5.Toggle the administrator on and click to save the changes,

6. Restart discord and the crown icon should be gone.

How Do I Give Myself Ownership In Discord?

To begin the process one might have to start by setting up the permissions for the entire group and assigning them different roles to the members. One can create any customer role and multiple roles can be assigned to a single member. The roles contain a name and a set of permissions along with the members comes.

To assign the permissions to the roles, one can click on the ‘Roles’ tab in the server settings menu. To do this-

1. Click on the arrow next to the server name.

2. Click on the ‘Server settings.

3. Click on the roles.

When the server is created first there is only one pre-made role and it defines the permissions that are enabled on the server even if they have the other roles assigned to them. To create the new role click on the + sign. The specific server-wide permissions for the tole can be done by toggling the dials.

Once the permissions have been configured a specific role can be assigned to the individual members on the server and to assign the roles to members-

1. Click on the member’s tab in the server settings menu.

2. Click on the + sign under the member and assign the role to and select the role from the drop-down window.

3. This member now has server-wide permissions to assign the role.

The permission to the specific channels can also be assigned by accessing the settings menu and to access the menu select the channel one might want to adjust settings for and click on the cog icon. To set the permissions for roles or individual members on the channel and click the tab in the channel settings menu.


How Do You Take Back Ownership Of A Discord Server?

If the user has inadvertently transferred the ownership rights to a number of members, they may want to receive it back as soon as possible and regrettably, the only real way to do so is to ask the presenter to pass the controller back to the first user. There is no server that has a quality that may take them back without the consent of the proprietor. It is better to allow the server to make ample and the user can begin from scratch.


A guide on how to transfer ownership on discord is very important and this article helps the readers to solve all of their queries easily. Discord server has become very popular in recent times as everybody is stuck at home and has to connect with their friends and relatives online. This server helps one to do so easily.

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